Mulegé, just 38 miles south of Santa Rosalía, is situated in a lush valley and thrives off a fresh water stream that flows into an estuary on its way to the sea. This special place was discovered by the Jesuit father Juan Maria de Salvatierra. In 1705, Juan Maria Basaldúa and father Juan de Ugarte founded the mission and named it Santa Rosalía de Mulegé. The origin of the name of Mulegé is derived from the Cochimies phrase"carmaanc galexa," meaning "large ravine of the white mouth."

Mulegé has long been a favorite destination for tourists who seek rest and nature, from sportfishermen to history buffs and ecologists, to admirers of the striking Bay of Conception. Located a few short kilometers from Mulegé, the Bay boasts fantastic landscapes and numerous soft, white sand beaches such as Santispac, Concepción, Los Cocos, El Burro, El Coyote, Buenaventura, El Requesón and Armenta.

In a tour through the town, a visit to the mission church is recommended as well as the regional museum (located in the old state penitentiary building), the river estuary and El Sombrerito beach.

Mulegé offers a full palette of quality services – many diverse hotels, RV parks, restaurants, a bus depot, a national airport, sportfishing, and scuba diving agencies and wide array of adventure tours ranging from cave paintings to ecology treks.